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For many families, pet insurance can be the difference between their pet getting the care they need, or continuing to suffer. But, insurance can be a complicated topic and your staff may not be equipped to make the right recommendations.


Let Pawlicy Advisor teach your staff the best way to handle these conversations in 30 seconds!

The truth is, you don't want your staff giving clients specific pet insurance recommendations for a lot of reasons. The experts at Pawlicy Advisor make it incredibly easy for your staff to quickly point clients in the right direction. In this lunch and learn, Pawlicy Advisor will buy your staff lunch and provide a 15 minute presentation that helps everyone better understand pet insurance, the process they take clients through to find the pet insurance policy that will be best for their pet, and most importantly, how to handle these conversations quickly and effectively so that your staff can stay focused on veterinary care and client service.

There is no cost or obligation to you. This is just one of the many ways we seek to be a valuable partner.

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