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The highest performing program in Veterinary Marketing.

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A high performance website that is easy to use, fully supported, and entirely customized to help your practice deliver on the mission of veterinary care.


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GeniusVets brings together a deep understanding of veterinary care, practice management, pet owner needs and behaviors, and today's most effective marketing strategies to help you deliver on the mission of veterinary care.


Entirely customized to suit your mission, values, and culture.

Great marketing is about authentically communicating your expertise, style, personality, and community.

“Well, we've worked with other direct competitors, and with GeniusVets we were looking to go to the next level with our online marketing and was able to create a really robust, very comprehensive site where we were able to compile a bunch of educational material for clients. The experience has been wonderful. The whole team is great. Talk to their team, see what they can offer because they're really amazing.”
Laura O.

Practice Manager - Carolina Value Pet Care

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